Work where and when you want!

Access to your application with TSplus!

Your software on every device!

The HTML5 system enables you to run any software (without modifications) on every end user device:
Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS


Please feel free to try our online demo server with some access types:

Citrix-like Web Application Portal

With TSplus, your users can access their applications directly from the Internet, simply by clicking on the application icon.


pin code
Enter PIN code to connect

With TSplus, your users will just have to type a PIN code to access their applications.


Enter your email address to connect

Using your user email address as credentials to access their applications.


Use TSplus RDP Client for access

You can use our dedicated RDP client for access a TSplus server. For now it is supported only for Windows devices, but support all our functions like Universal Printer, load balancing, reverese proxy etc.


Please feel free to try our software!
Download the ENTERPRISE edition for 5 user and 15 days without limitations.

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