TSplus ENTERPRISE edition

  • TSplus Admin Tool
  • Multiuser Connection
  • SingleApp- & MultiApp-Publishing
  • Remote Desktop
  • Remote Taskbar
  • Floating Panel
  • RDP-Client Generator
  • Seamless client
  • Remoteapp Client
  • Printer- Port- & Diskmapping
  • Bidirectional sound
  • Dual Screen Mode
  • Workgroup & Active Directory
  • Open files & URL on client side
  • The Universal Printer offers the function to print from applications on the server directly to a printer connected on the local client device. It is a virtual PDF printer that sends the PDF to the client device and prints on the local printer on client side. It works without installation of any printer driver on server side.
  • Connection from any web browser with TSplus HTTP Web Server
  • Secured connection from any web browser with TSplus HTTPS Web Server and SSH server
  • Windows and HTML5 web access clients included in the HTML logon files
  • Easy connection from iPhone/iPad and Android devices
  • Customizable logon web page with TSplus Webmaster Toolkit
  • With TSplus Web Applications Portal, access your applications list inside any web browser
  • Connect with just an e-mail or a pin-code with TSplus Web Credentials
  • TSplus farm of servers (one license per server)
  • Unlimited number of users working concurrently on a scalable Load-Balanced architecture
  • Single Enterprise Portal to access all your TSplus servers
  • Ability to assign one or several Application Server(s) to users or groups
  • Load Balancing and Failover support


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TSplus ENTERPRISE 3 users (no Update/Support)

180,00 €
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TSplus ENTERPRISE 5 users (no Update/Support)

280,00 €
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TSplus ENTERPRISE 10 users (no Update/Support)

495,00 €
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TSplus ENTERPRISE 25 users (no Update/Support)

860,00 €
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TSplus ENTERPRISE unlimited users (no Update/Support)

1130,00 €
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