Migration from old V12 licenses to a new server with V14

A TSplus license can only be migrated manually to version 14 and with a new TSplus installation! To upgrade an existing license on the same server you have to launch the upgrade from the AdminTool and fill in the form. For resellers there is the possibility to generate a single activation key per final customer/server. So with a single key you can activate all licenses on that server.

In order to migrate an old license to a new server and use the new version 14 please:

  • through the reseller-only license portal. If you open the portal and add an activation key for your end customer, you can assign all licenses to that key. On the license detail page you will see the button "Migrate license to activation key". You can do this for all licenses that belong to that end customer / server, even add'on!  
  • through this form, but we need some information:       
    • serial numbers of all licenses that belong to the old server
    • final customer name
    • server name (optional), if not communicated all licenses are activated under a single activation key
    • email to which to send the new license file


A migration is only possible if the license is covered by a mantainance plan!



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