• Free Certificate Manager: you can now reset the domain name (e.g. if you want to change it)
  • Free Certificate Manager: you can now type multiple domain names (e.g. ",,")
  • RDP Defender (RDP firewall): you can now whitelist an IP range / network (e.g. or
  • RDP Defender is now added in all rebranded versions
  • Web Portal Windows Client: fixed a bug when using this client with both Reverse-Proxy and Gateway User/Server Assignments
  • Web Server: improved the default settings for a more secure HTTPS while increasing compatibility with even more mobile devices
  • Taskbar customize tile: change of the provided feature. It enables to change the application working area (full screen, always show the Blue/Grey bar even if the application is maximized, show the local PC taskbar even if the application is maximized)
  • New option for the Themes management
  • The TSplus taskbar minimized buttons and systray icons are display in a better position
  • System Audit: fixed wrong description + fixed wrong license detection bug
  • Improved performance for large number of users
  • Improved print handling: better detection of the format (landscape vs portrait), resizing if the document is larger than the paper size, support of large documents with hundreds of pages
  • Added compatibility for latest Windows 10 Insider Builds and Windows 7/2008R2 "Rollup" KB update
  • HTML5 client: folders can now be dropped in Chrome to upload them to the server session
  • HTML5 client: bug fixed when used with Web Credentials on page refresh
  • HTML5 client: SSL multi-domain support
  • HTML5 client: workaround for reported issue with time zones that lead Outlook to show wrong time on emails
  • HTML5 client: several bugs fixed for the Top Menu (disabling file transfer button was disabling all file related buttons, encoding issues)
  • HTML5 client: fix on Firefox ctrl+c issue
  • All known 9.30 issues have been fixed and this release is including all of these fixes.
  • The session name is changed to "Session"

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