• Change of the Generated Client and on the RemoteApp client For year we was using VeryPDF toolkit to enable the print on the default printer or the enable for the user to select one of his local printer However, VeryPDF is not a good product (complex to maintain, unpredictable for some options, problem with landscape, with bar codes printing, with margins...) As result, when we decided to change one parameter, the impact could be bad on others. In this new release we do not use VeryPDF anymore. We have replace it by Sumatra whihc is a light and very simple PDF printing tool.
  • FloatingPanel: There was a bug when more than 7 applications was published. This bug is fixed now.
  • HTML5
    • Added advnced way for CapsLock/NumLock/ScrollLock synchronization between client and server instead simulating it via Caps/Num/ScrilLock key pressures.
    • W.disableTableConversion = false; By true no unicode to scancode conversion used, but passed directly as unicode.By setting to true this way will prefer chars passed from browser "as is" in users actual local typing language, however this way allows to type without changing rdp server language input.Some ANSI only applications/inputs will stop to work like AWT Java. And Chinese/Korean/Japanese not possible too due IME conversion from latin chars, you would just get latin chars passed.I do not recommand to set it to true if you want 100% compatiblity with all apllications running inside session, but if your used applications are unicode compatible, this may help you to avoid synchronizing languages.
    • W.preferscancode = false; If you use primarily Windows with modern Chrome(or Chromium based like Opera etc.) or modern Windows FireFox that support scancode mode, you may set it to true.

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