• Application Control: On W8/W10/2012/2016, a user starting Explorer.exe did get a Full Desktop, even if the administrator did assign him one single application. We did not had this problem with XP/2003/W7/2008. It is not fixed. The solution we have implemented is not a perfect one but it looks much better and most probably will answer this issue in 99% of possible cases.
  • Logoff issues; In some cases we had logoff issues. It is fixed now.- Visual Effects and Blinking issues: We added in the AdminTool / GPO tile the option to change the Visual Effect preference to avoid this issues. The default settings is "Settings for the best performances"
  • The Client Generator default settings has bee changes for RDP/RemoteApp to provide the best combinaisons. However, the administrator can select different ones. These default settings can be also changed in remoteapp2.js for the Web Portal RemoteApp client.
  • We added one new security feature: Specify time schedule when users will be allowed to connect. This will be offcially annouced in the upcoming 9.60 release.
  • printpdf: in some cases the Universal Printer was using too much CPU. This is fixed in this release.
  • Mouse pointer changes: For the past 2 years we did change the mouse pointer for the HTML5 client. We have remove these changes.
  • HTML5: The new code includes new option for customer using IIS and a reverse-proxy for their IIS servers.

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