• Client Generator: For many years, if a new generated client is using the name of a old one, we did not changed the settings stored on the user PC /RDP folder. We added one option to enforce the new setting, even if the connection client name is identical.
  • Client Generator: We decided to keep Sumatra as "local PDF toolkit". Some user PCs does not have Acrobat or Foxit, so it keep our connection client able to print on any PC.
  • Logon process: We did test and fix issues related to logon/logoff/disconnect/reconnect/capture sessions. The case of single application started has also be studied in detail to prevent cases where a logoff is happening just after the logon. The behavior of the RemoteApp client has been review to avoid the logon Session process to start twice, or to logoff immediately after the logon.
  • Single application: We have strength the logon program to warrant a fallback solution if the single application that starts failed to do so. Instead of logoff, we start the Taskbar (RemoteApp) or a full desktop (RDP mode). Please note that if you close too fast the application (within 10 seconds) the system will think that the application failed to start and will go to the fallback new feature. In the AppControl.ini file you can request a logoff to disable this option, or request to start your own default application to be used as fallback.
  • SessionID: We have standardize the method to read the user SessionID. Doing so, we avoid some issues related to printing after a disconnect/reconnect.
  • Wait without using CPU: We have generalize the use of Windows API to shrink the CPU usage of our programs. This also eliminate some issue where the session was never closed.- SVCR crashes: We modified the code to prevent SVCR crashes. We are not sure yet that these enhancements will be enough to fix this kind of issue that we hardly can reproduce on our test labs.
  • Universal Printer: The Update Release does not install the new Universal Printer driver to avoid regression for existing customers. The new Universal Printer driver is installed for anyone running the Setup program. Please note that in the coming week or so, we will use a new version for the new Universal Printer driver which will enable us to change the paper format (A4 or Letter) and to scale the document to fit into the format even when the margins are narrow ones.
  • System Audit: The System Audit is delivering a positive answer if the new, or the old, Uiversal Printer driver is installed.
  • HTML5: We added the option to add in the URL a command line which enable to change any of the settings.js values. The option to use Shift Function keys has been added too.

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