• Client Generator: The generated client was not handling correctly the Universal Printer when Acrobat of Foxit was not installed on the user PC.It is fixed now.
  • Client Generator: The RemoteApp mode was not correctly handle It is fixed now.
  • Old connection client connecting to the release 10.20 was not acting as expected for the Universal Printer and the RemoteApp mode. It is fixed now.
  • The form for typing the logon/password was displaying a wrong icon.It is fixed now
  • When a user logon, a password or a domain name was using the "-" character, the result was wrong causing an issue.It is fixed now
  • Web RemoteApp plug-in: Because of the fixes listed for the Client Generator has been implemented, it also fixes now the Web RemoteApp plug-in.
  • Universal Printer: For any new installation (not Update Release), we are now using a new release of the Universal Printer. This new release fix the issues when the paper format was with narrow margins of with no margin at all. It also better handle the print fonts. Last but not least, we have now the option to add some printer setting features for the Administrator
  • This is not yet implemented in the AdminTool but it will be done soon.Windows is displaying a Security warning pop-up when this new Universal Printer driver is installed. We added a message for the administrator be advise him to accept this new driver. We also added a message if the new Universal Printer driver is not properly installed. This message is display at reboot and when running the System Audit feature. The START Menu includes now 2 new entries to be able to install or to uninstall the new Universal Printer driver. This will help for the support task of our customers.About the Universal Printer driver, please keep in mind the 3 following facts.
    1) In case of Update Release, we do not install the new driver, BUT, the new UP setup program is available and can be used for users which would have issues with their old UP driver.
    2) In case of new Setup, it is always the new UP driver which is installed
  • Reboot trial message: The reboot trial message was no display correctly.It is fixed now
  • SVRC.exe: We have reset SVCR.exe to its original version from AutoIT to avoid cases where it was crashing on some customer systems. We do not know yet why this is happening and we will see if this simple action is enough, or not, to eliminate this kind of issue.

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