• Enhanced Start menu:The TSplus START menu now includes 5 entries
    Client Generator
    Uninstall TSplus
    User Guide
    Universal Printer: Setup
    Universal Printer: Remove
  • Universal Printer:The Universal Printer is no more installed during the Setup, or during the Update.If the Universal Printer driver is not installed, when the administrator starts the AdminTool, he will see a message box proposing him to install it.As result, the Setup is faster. The Universal Printer can also be installed by the administrator using the new START menu entry.Also, the AdminTool license tab is now displaying if the Universal Printer is installed and if it is a release 10, or a old release 9 driver. Please keep in mind that the new Universal Printer driver cannot be installed on old 2003/XP system.For these old systems, it is requested to use
  • Logon process:The logon process has been deeply audited to provide the best performances and the most predictable behavior regardless the client kind (mstsc, RemoteApp, HTML5, Seamless client) or the kind of started application (Full Desktop, one single application, TSplus Taskbar, Floating Panel or Web Application Portal).
  • Logon name with special character:The support of logon names with special characters like "ü" has been added
  • Client Generator:The generated client has been changed to be compatible with older releases and to be able to print with old and new Universal Printer installed on the server side. The generated client had files not properly installed and it is fixed now.
  • Print Preview: The print preview has been changed: If the user has a PDF viewer like Acrobat, the preview will use it. If the user does not have any PDF view, TSplus client will automatically use Sumatra as fallback.
  • We changes the release number to 10.30 for customer support purposes. For any customer is using the release 10.10, or 10.20 and is having an issue, the solution will be to advise him to apply the Update Release patch and to reboot.
  • One last comment: This 10.30 release is the first one for which we have use our new Automatic Validation toolkit.We are pleased to confirm that the 10.30 release has successfully pass 25 validation test cases.

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