• More improvments of the logon process
  • Fix of the new Universal Printer narrow margin question
  • The command lines for applications published with the Web Application Portal are now supported.


  • Added support of mult-domain certificates for serving as SNI.
    That was required by one guy who wanted to serve multiple certificates but one certificate was additionally for multiple domains.
    So by calling
    as certificate will be served only one file
    also the leading point of cert file tells it is for multiple domains.
    But still full match certificate is prefered if any existing.
  • To improve security by hot reconfiguration calls to avoid that someone else changes it without allowance I added additional pass check if required, since by default it is empty. To set pass call from browser
    from now on any hot reconfiguration would require passing of pass
    as example
  • Few peoples required SSLv3 due usage of IE6-7, on Java8 and higher it is disabled by default, to overcome that I still allow it by setting.
    webserver\settings.bin > ie6_ssl_workaround=true
    The nice side effect, it is limited only to IE6-7, so I still successfully pass SSL Labs check while at same time supporting IE6-7 with SSL.
    But by default SSLv3 stays anyway disabled, so support must be extra activated by this setting.

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