• The logon process (logonsession.bin) has been changed to avoid display of a File Explorer in some cases. It also have been audited to avoid svcr.exe crash which was still happening sometimes. It has been enhanced to warrant better performances and shorter logon delay. It includes now the required code to handle the new 10.50 capabilities.
  • The code of installuniversalprinter.bin and removeuniversalprinter.bin has been enhance to provide a better result, even in specific cases. However, we will add Universal Printers features in the next 10.60 release which will probably be announced before the end of 2017.
  • The Client Generator and the AdminTool "Assign Application" tile has been changed to provide a new great feature: Each user will see, in his SART menu, and within his TRAY icons, the list of his assigned applications. Without using his generated client, he will be able to select within these "Local Menu" one of these application and to start it as a RemoteAPP. To enable this nice new feature the Administrator must generate new connection clients. With the AdminTool, The Administrator can also decide whether or not he want to allow this new feature to be available for his users.
  • HTML5: The file transfer by Drag/Drop has been greatly enhanced to prevent files missing and to allow transfer of large number of files. If a files name already exists, instead of replacing it, it is automatically rename. The memory size and the CPU requirements as been optimized to warrant a strong stability and predictability of the result when a user is dropping large files or folders. Some other enhancement has been made for a better handling and display of the file transfer feature when using the Drag/Drop capability of the HTML5 client. The design of icons of the HTML5 Mini Menu has been enhanced.
  • Windows 10 Home. We added to support of Windows 10 Home. As you know this was removed beginning of the year 2017; however it is not included as it was in 2016.

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