• HTML5
    • New release of Chrome Android zoom level recognition issue. Google has changed the way the zoom recognition can be done. After Chrome Update, it makes the recognition impossible and it brakes the proper working when using Chrome on an Android device.
      It is fixed now.
    • New release of FireFox on Android Timeout issue. Some customers are disabling the sound and with the new release of Firefox on Androidit stopped the required timeout features. Some file upload popups stopped to work because the popup got focus but parent stopped to be active.
      It is fixed now.
    • Webime program has been changed to keep the focus on the current windows when changing dimension.
    • A new feature has been introduction to enhance the keyboard behavior when entering on an editable field.
    • One new variable is added to setings.js:
      W.autoKeyboardPopup = false; //When true, click in editable field calls software keyboard (by native keyboard only on second click).
      When = 2 keyboard will be always called when cursor already editable!
      Also possible value are:
      W.autoKeyboardPopup = true;
      W.autoKeyboardPopup = 2; = 2 it is very aggressive and calls keyboard even by intention to leave editable field.
    • One new feature for mobile devices:
      It is now allowed to do horizontal scrolling (not only for vertical scrolling). However it is possible only on new Windows systems like Win2012.
    • Someother small unmentioned bug as been fixes.
      For example, after updating Chrome, the PC button in File Manager to process file upload got scroll bars.
    • Webclientdata program has been fixed to avoid cases where the delay to analyse the device was too fast.

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