• MyRemoteDesktop: Several light bugs was anoying and has been fixed.
    If the user PC was too fast at reboot, an error was displayed. It is fixed now
    Mutliple instances of MyRemoteApp.exe was able to run. It is fixed now
    Multiple instances of svcr.exe was able to run. It is fixed now
    Warning: You need to generate a new connection client to benefit from these fixes.
  • UrlOnClient:
    When a customer wish to publish UrlOnClient to push a link on the user PC, AND, if this application is declared as the single application started by the user (or is the Web Application Portal is inforced) then, the UrlOnClient was not working as exected. It is fixed now
  • HTML5:
    iFrame handler has been enhanced. When the mini-mouse hits the right or the bottom screen bolder, we now enable an automatic scroll of the display. It make easier for the user to click on buttons which are set on the right most side of the screen. To enable this new feature you must change "moveScroll": 0 to "moveScroll": 2
  • Logon screen refresh:
    We removed the logon process screen refresh. This feature is annoying and seams pointless.

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