• HTML5: the new version is providing a better handling of reconnections
  • Folder.exe: The design of Folder.exe has been enhanced
  • File Drag & Drop in HTML5: The target folder was not properly handled. It is fixed now.
  • File Drag & Drop in HTML5: We added one new feature.
    If you create a file named targetfolder.txt in the current user AppData directory In which you will write the destination folder for this user Then, instead of using the global value of destination folder, the drag & drop file(s) will be redirected to this user folder. We modifyed Folder.exe to use this new feature. When the administrator specify by a command line that the folder to display is not the user Desktop, Then, this folder path is used as destination path for the drag & drop files.
  • Reconnecting a session: The code to handle the reconnection has been rewrite to avoid possible issue related to the change of the session ID
  • Remove folders/registry entries at logoff: The code to remove the session related folders have been rewrite to clean the disk and the registry at logoff. Please keep in mind that these action does not apply when the logoff is started by the Windows Start button or a GPO timeout, or a terminated disconnected session.

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