• HTML5 enhancements:
    • improved mouse handling on PC browsers like FireFox, Chrome and IE Edge. The improvement is following, when you hold any mouse button and go out of browser area dimensions, by releasing the mouse button now this action is catched too, more over on modern browsers it will even listen to mouse movements while mouse button is pressed and cursor moved out of browser area. That fixes such bug that when marking text with mouse i was going out with the mouse of browser area, released the mouse button, this release was not catched before in older version and the rdp session still believed that mouse was pressed, usually afterwards i wanted to add such marked text with ctrl+c to clipboard, but because mouse inside session was assumed to be pressed, this action was rejected by rdp session and so finally failed. So this update now greatly improves such handling.
    • on IE Edge there is strange bug, when mouse cursors changed to fast then IE just has hidden cursor until next mouse movement. This update improves it, better to say it includes some art of time handling to let more time before next cursor update. However it doesn't fix this third part bug but at least mitigates it greatly for IE.
    • in html5.html?xyz=** passed url parameters in non latin chars like chinese were incorrectly recognized by Chrome and FireFox, now fixed.
    • Additionally fixed issue when passed as example &port=3390 etc, such passed port was not accepted internally, now fixed too.
    • iOS Safari, when changing orientation before first finger touch the orientation was not changed, now fixed.
    • on mobile devices when used W.viewportminwidth/W.viewportminheight, the file/print frames were incorrectly positioned. More over fixed W.scrollOverBounds = { "moveScroll" for handling such overflowing cases.
    • added new parameter W.target_filecopy_behavior = 1; Feature requested, as example by ** = 1 the file copied to target will overwrite old file without prompt instead enumerating copy numbers. However that option does not affect the file names inside //tsclient/WebFile/ but only final target copied files as example when moved to desktop from WebFile. This option requires new webime.au3 which is inside archive!
    • added support for port forwarding of OpenVPN messages, so this would allow usage of OpenVPN on same port. This option was asked by email. And in the past in ex-company they used OpenVPN on port 80/443 to overcome outgoing limits set by SAP company where many members accessed vpn remotely. So by this version such scenario would be now possible on same port.
    • a fix inside webime.au3 that caused fallback reading on new Windows systems like Windows10. In fact, that it worked earlier on older Win10 systems or Windows2008, that was just accident that Microsoft accepted "0" as passed parameter which was wrongly, now that is fixed and working perfectly by me on new Win10 and same fine on Win2008, pretty backward compatible.

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