Major release 11.50

  • The licensing code has been greatly enhanced  to enable new features. It pave the way for TSplus license management and License Portal upcoming changes.  For more information on the new license capability (Volume License scheme), please contact us.
  • When a new user account is created, the system does not display the Full Desktop at the very first connection. 
  • The Full desktop is displayed  when now application is assigned and when  the Microsoft Remote Desktop application is assigned to a user or to a group.
  • When the Administrator  is using the AdminTool  to request the download of the UpdateRelease.exe program, instead of having to download it when IT and to apply it from the Download folder when the download is completed,  the AdminTool will do these tasks automatically.
  • In the client generator the local resources are selected as default settings. Many customer do not understand that they have to do it to enable COM port or printer redirection. It is better to avoid this kind of misunderstanding.
  • The Session Management (GPO) code has been completely rewritten. It was a old code that never did change for years. The goal is to make it easier to understand for the administrator.
  • HTML5: The latest HTML5 code has been included into this new release 11.50.
    • We added a file picker feature with the ability to set filters on file extensions to limit the upload capabilities to allowed files. It support on-copy event process execution.
    • The latest release of IE Edge is supported.
    • It enable the use of third party web services and it allows to pass SSL+HTTP traffic to third party web servers. This can help customers wanting to stay with Microsoft IIS server.

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