This new release is focused on the best support of Windows 2016 and W10 latest releases, including the upcoming build October 2018 Update.

  • The RemoteApp logon process has been changed to warrant the expected result, even on heavy loaded systems. Limit on the number of RemoteApp session on W2016/W10 has been lifted.
  • On W10/W2016, the Windows Shell is replaced by our new WinXshell for all system where the TSplus license is more than 10 users. Please note that this is not the final version of WinXshell. We do expect enhancements before the end of October 2018.
  • On W10/W2016, the GPO tile of the AdminTool has been enhanced to be able to enable/disable the new "per user" services which are useless on the "server" environment.
  • If the system is not installed on the C: drive, Ghostscript setup was blocked. To avoid this issue in such case, we just ask the administrator to process his GS installation manually.
  • The Universal Printer was not working when different version of Ghostscript was installed. It is fixed now at reboot. However, if a printing problem subsist after the reboot, the re-install of the Ghostscript driver with the AdminTool Printer Management tile will fix it.
  • The Universal Printer was not working due to a lack of rights to write on ../www folder. It is fixed now.
  • When using RemoteApp on client, in the user systray, possibly, multiple icons was displayed. Also, the systray icon was displayed even when not application has been assigned to the user. It is fixed now. Please note the to enable this fix, the user must exit the existing systray and the install the newest Setup-RemoteAppClient.exe
  • The overall security of TSplus Web Portal has been enhanced

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