• fixed bug: TSplus Taskbar was not displayed anymore
  • fixed bug: users with no applications assigned were getting an empty screen
  • fixed bug: a user being in both an assigned local group and an assigned domain group was getting the assigned application icon twice in FloatingPanel
  • fixed bug: applications were started in fullscreen mode even when the "Launch this application with its original size and position" was checked in AdminTool > Applications
  • Several bug fixed and better handling of Services during Setup, Updates and Uninstall
  • Application Runtime and Active Directory library updated to their latest version


  • fixed bug: when two .connect files had the same name, connection settings of the first .connect file started where also used when running the second .connect file
  • fixed bug: audiocapturemode was forced to 1 even when the client settings was "off"
  • Setup-ConnectionClient.exe is now also available on http://your-server/ConnectionClient/Setup-ConnectionClient.exe for easy deployment
  • ConnectLauncher.exe (in %USERPROFILE%\RDP6) can now be run without parameters, directly by double-clicking on it. It will then display a standard file chooser dialog then offer the choice to either connect or edit the selected .connect file


  • WinXshell: fixed startup path
  • WinXshell: executable is now code signed
  • Talisman shell: executables are now code signed
  • WinXshell update: multi-languages support and menu items customization


  • GhostScript: setup does not include docs, thus reducing the size of our Setup and UpdateRelease files
  • Web Applications Portal: application icons were retrieved by a full AutoIt compiled executable. It has now be embeded in the existing hb.exe, thus reducing the size of our Setup and UpdateRelease files and removing a potential antivirus false-positive warning


  • HTML5: restored support for IIS reverse proxy
  • HTML5: added ticket support for usage under IIS reverse proxy environment
  • HTML5: improved when server is used behind proxy/nginx
  • HTML5 v6.01: bug fix for the previous update
  • added asymmetric extra encryption for sensitive logon data even when sent via http only protocol
  • HTML5: fixed a lot of bugs from previous ticket implementation


  • Ransomware Protection is now disabled by default. You can enable it in RDS-Knight > Ransomware Protection > Enable Ransomware Protection

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