• Taskbar buttons and Notification area (Systray).
  • In this new release this AdminTool feature has been completely changed in order to:
    • It provide a better and less confusing GUI for the administrators
    • To warrant the expected behavior
  • WinXShell alternative to Windows Shell on W10/W2016
    This new release includes the proper replacement of Windows Shell. It includes the use of a customized version of Classic Shell to display the Start button feature. Please note that for system with a license for 3, 5 or 10 users, This Shell alternative will never apply. It is only for more "demanding" servers where saving logon resources is crutial that we do propose the use of WinXshell. One fresh setup, the default setting is to use WinXShell. On Update Release, if nothing has been set before, the default setting is not to use it.
  • When the administrator was selected the CUST PDF printer, the GhostScript was install again at reboot. With this new release, it will not happening anymore.
  • There was an error when applying the Update Release and when a WinXshell user was connected. This is fixed now.
  • The LAN access was not possibly using the Web Portal when prohibiting the access using a mstsc client.  This is fixed now.
  • The SSL/Ciphers management has been enhanced
  • Reconnection on RemotApp disconnected session was not possible. It is fixed now.
  • There was an issue with Web connection when webcredential.ini file did not exists. It if fixed now.
  • ConnectLauncher.exe on the user side can now be started without parameters. In such case, it will ask to select the .connect file that has to be edited.
  • To be easy to download from anyplace, the Setup-ConnectionClient.exe is now available on our server, and on the customer /www/ConnectionClient folder.
  • The HTML5 / Web Server has been enhanced and its latest release is included

And of course this 1.70 release includes all enhancements and fixes of the former 11.60 release

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