• Setup/Update: Fixed fileacl.exe/ntrights.exe not found error and permissions not set accordingly
  • Setup/Update: Fixed "prints" folder missing in some cases
  • AdminTool: License: Serial Number is now displayed bigger and Computer Name has been added in order to ease our Support Team operations
  • Update: now advises admin to install OpenJDK automatically
  • AdminTool: Home: number of connections is now refreshed every 10 seconds
  • Web Portal: Fixed issue when using 2FA and Load-Balancing or Users/Servers Assignments
  • Web Portal : Fixed issue when retrieving 2FA status for a user member of too many groups
  • Web Credentials: Windows login using the format "COMPANY\username" are now accepted
  • Web Credentials: Fixed web password duplication error when web login contains accents
  • Security: Updated bouncycastle library to its latest version (1.61)
  • HTML5 client: added requested support for shortcuts list menu settings.js > W.shortCutsMenu
  • HTML5 client: some changes required to inform correct Java path for 64bit version when 32bit recognized
  • ConnectionClient: improved the -defaultsystem parameter to prevent Adobe Acrobat Reader to stay open after printing
  • - Universal Printer: fixed Universal Printer paused when trying to print a document containing a "%" symbol in its name. Please reinstall Universal Printer if you are facing this issue to apply the fix.
  • Universal Printer: fixed path finding when \gs folder contains multiple sub-folders
  • AdminTool : fixed command prompt windows popping when changing web server ports
  • AdminTool: fixed error message when some languages files are missing
  • Logonsession: fixed bug preventing to wait until connection client send all details to the server side in some edge cases
  • Application Panel: fixed application list on Windows Server when permissions were not correctly set
  • Translations: fixed several spelling mistakes in French

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