TSplus Version

A new version of TSplus is being uploaded right now and will be available within few minutes.


  • Applications Publishing: applications can now be grouped in "folders" in AdminTool > Applications. Permissions are then handled per folder for all the applications in a folder, and all the TSplus programs (Floating Panel, Application Panel, Taskbar, Folder, Web Applications Portal) and mobile apps will then display these folders accordingly
  • AdminTool: added user interface for Web Portal Lockout feature, to unblock accounts and edit advanced settings
  • RDS-Knight integration: added failed login attempts from Web portal support for RDS-Knight Bruteforce Defender (private IP addresses are excluded to avoid blocking proxy)
  • AdminTool: after installation, when the AdminTool is run for the first time, a popup now suggests the admin to open a quick "Getting Started" video


  • ClientGenerator: added new encryption method option to fix issue with .connect file on Japanese/Chinese Windows
  • Client Generator: fixed local devices settings
  • HTML5: fix for IE edge issue with websockets connection when runned under iframe
  • Web server: clipchannel and filechannel are now running under own thread to avoid potential locks/timeouts in edge cases
  • Web server: folders permissions has been restricted to improve security
  • WebPortal: fixed 2FA pop-in display on "classic" themes


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