TSplus Version

A new version of TSplus is being uploaded right now and will be available within few minutes.

TSplus 12.50 includes all the improvements and fixes released in previous versions.


  • All Clients: a new "Send to Client" contextual menu (right-click menu) can be enabled in AdminTool > Advanced > Contextual Menu to easily send files to client workstation
  • AdminTool > Printer: added a page orientation setting for Universal Printer
  • AdminTool: added the setting "Allow access from Microsoft RDP Client for Admins only" in Session > Permissions
  • AdminTool: added /addons parameter to the "AdminTool.exe /update" command line to update addons as well
  • Folder Panel: added "hide title bar" option


  • AdminTool: fixed error in some cases when opening Printer tab
  • AdminTool: fixed error with Turkish translation
  • AdminTool: removed progressbar advanced setting in session opening preference since no longer used by logonsession
    - Setup/Update: improved permissions
  • HTML5: fixed bug with numlock/capslock on servers not supporting on the fly resizing such as Server 2008 when W.reconnectonresize = true
  • Security: updated bouncycastle library to its latest version (1.62)
  • Security: updated OpenSSL library to its latest version (1.1.1d)


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