TSplus Version

A new version of TSplus is being uploaded right now and will be available within few minutes.


  • FarmManager: added buttons to view or control a selected session
  • HTML5: added gesture to display keyboard: now when settings.js > W.touch3_keyboard_show = 2; then 3 touches will show/hide native/software keyboard


  • AdminTool: fixed user selection's default location when server is in a domain
  • AdminTool: fixed update command line
  • HTML5: fixed Apple Safari compatibility
  • HTML5: fixed Android FireFox resize detection issue
  • HTML5: improved iOS Chrome support
  • HTML5: fixed orientation detection on iOS in desktop mode for Firefox
  • HTML5: fixed faked irp requests sent by some rdp server are now successfully ignored
  • HTML5: fixed issue on new iOS13 Safari to sleep mode switching
  • HTML5: fixed bug when exited editable mode of native keyboard and during this editing browser changed its orientation
  • HTML5: fixed wrong detection of protocol error causing connection end when sending user events during a dynamic monitor size change
  • ConnectionClient: fixed credentials not being saved
  • Load-Balancing: improved Sticky Sessions feature: it now ignores domain name to prevent common support issues, duration between two heartbeat refreshes is now configurable manually in GatewayPortalLoadBalancing.ini with setting "HeartbeatRefresh" (in seconds, restarting SVCE is required after change) and disconnected sessions are now better handled in latest Windows versions.


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