• The RemoteApp client, now, do not display et annoying "Windows warning" pop-ups.
  • On W10, there was annoying system events whihc was broking the communication after 10 minutes. To eliminate this problem we are disabeling the off line service and the power service. With this change, the sessions are stable.
  • We hadded the file remoteapp2.html to enable autologon with RemoteApp Web client
  • The Session Shadowing of the Session Manager has been improved
  • The RemoteApp Web client is now using the Web port and no more the RDP port. We have eliminate the IE nasty error message.
  • The Update Release did not update properly some programs that was running. It will be better now.
  • The Universal Printer program was nor properly updated too. It is fixed now.
  • In order to replace properly the running programs, we did stop them in the Update Release. Doing so, if the Update Release was statd from a Remote Desktop (mstsc.exe) the session was logoff. We have fixed this. Now the Update Release program can also be started from a remote session (without logoff)
  • The Web RemoteApp client was not updated yesterday to include the enhancement of avoiding the display of Windows pop-up. It is fixed now

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