This is the first release 9.30

  • The Client Generator has been improved. It now enable to hide some of the redirected drive.
    The bug of the RDP mode whihc was always "full screen" is fixed.
    The Bit Map Cashing, which is a security issue, has been disabled
    The option to optimize the bandwith has been added
  • The printing issue when the user disconnect/reconnect (in Web mode and with the Generate Client) has been fixed.
  • The existing "System Audit" tool was very basic. It has been improved with more diagnosis, more help and better suggestions. The new tool is available in the "Server" part of TSplus AdminTool.
  • The Load-Balancing feature has been improved and has now an optional "sticky sessions" setting.
    When sticky sessions are enabled, any user who has an existing (connected or disconnected) session on a given application server will automatically be balanced to this application server. This is very useful for example to get an existing session back after a network disconnection.
    This new setting is available in the "Load-Balancing" tool, in the "Gateway" part of TSplus AdminTool.
  • The RDP firewall "RDP Defender" has been integrated into TSplus.
    If your Windows server is publicly available on Internet, then there is a 100% probability that hackers, network scanners and brute force robots are trying to guess your Administrator login and password - as we speak.
    Using current logins and password dictionaries, they will automatically try to login to your server hundreds to thousands times every minute. RDP Defender takes less than 30 seconds and will instantly protect your server by monitoring Windows failed login attempts and automatically blacklist the offending IP addresses after several failures.
    You can of course configure it to match your needs.
    This new tool is available in the "Security" part of TSplus AdminTool.
  • The W10 support has been enhanced
  • The HTML5 has been enhanced

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