• Universal Printer issue fix
    On some systems the Universal Printer for TSplus generated client was not working as expected. It was difficult to identify why it was working proper on most system but not some ones. We do beleive that it is because of some Windows updates which was changing some TSplus registry settings. However, we have "ruggudize" the TSplus code to prevent such issueto happen again.
    For any customer claiming that the Universal Printer is not working like it was before, we recommand to download this Update Release version, to apply it and to reboot.


  • HTML5
    • New release of Chrome Android zoom level recognition issue. Google has changed the way the zoom recognition can be done. After Chrome Update, it makes the recognition impossible and it brakes the proper working when using Chrome on an Android device.
      It is fixed now.
    • New release of FireFox on Android Timeout issue. Some customers are disabling the sound and with the new release of Firefox on Androidit stopped the required timeout features. Some file upload popups stopped to work because the popup got focus but parent stopped to be active.
      It is fixed now.
    • Webime program has been changed to keep the focus on the current windows when changing dimension.
    • A new feature has been introduction to enhance the keyboard behavior when entering on an editable field.
    • One new variable is added to setings.js:
      W.autoKeyboardPopup = false; //When true, click in editable field calls software keyboard (by native keyboard only on second click).
      When = 2 keyboard will be always called when cursor already editable!
      Also possible value are:
      W.autoKeyboardPopup = true;
      W.autoKeyboardPopup = 2; = 2 it is very aggressive and calls keyboard even by intention to leave editable field.
    • One new feature for mobile devices:
      It is now allowed to do horizontal scrolling (not only for vertical scrolling). However it is possible only on new Windows systems like Win2012.
    • Someother small unmentioned bug as been fixes.
      For example, after updating Chrome, the PC button in File Manager to process file upload got scroll bars.
    • Webclientdata program has been fixed to avoid cases where the delay to analyse the device was too fast.
  • When RemoteAPP mode was selected, on some systems, a blue area was displayed on the user PC.
    This was because the TSplus logon process was executered faster than the Windows RemoteAPP initialisation process itself. It is fixed now
  • A lot of CPU issue: Because of the latest KB on W10/W2016 TSplus processes was using a lot of CPU creating an heavy load, even with 2 or 3 users. It is fixed now
  • HTML5 CPU issue: The HTML5 kernel has also bee chnage to avoid the risk to use CPU- Refresh issue: When publishing single application or Floating Panel the display of the minized button was requiring a refresh. It is done now
  • The screen asking for the user logon/password (when it was not provided by the generated client) had its focus on the check box "Allows to save credential" It has been changed to the Logon field.
  • Floating Panel: The AdminTool option to display minimize/close was not working It is fixed now- Issues when assigning applications to Groups has been reported. According to our test it is fixed now
  • RemoteAPP On Client: The list of assigned application was empty when hte Taskbar or the Floating Panel was not assigned. It is fixed now We added the capability to change the default title "My Remote Applications" by what you want: For example "Yes We Can" The application icons displayed in the START menu are now the icon selected by the administrator when he generate the connection client. We made some enhancements to make the result more predicatable and this enable the user to be less confused.
  • Universal Printer: The display name "Virtual Printer" has been changed to Universal Printer to be consistant with the generated client or the RemoteApp client. For your information: In the next release "10.60" the Universal Printer will not be display anymore as a server printer. With HTML5 and generated client the user will just see a redirected Universal Printer.
Microsoft Patch Tuesday - October 2017

After study, Microsoft’s patches for October have an impact on TSplus compatibility for Windows 10 / Server 2016 version 1607 (build number 14393) on both 32 and 64 bits platform.

Please note that this is not the latest Windows 10 version, so all your customers who are fully up-to-date will not be affected.

As always, we have been able to very quickly release an update to TSplus kernel. All affected Windows 10 / Server 2016 computers which have a working internet access will be automatically and silently updated in the next few hours.

For your information, the incompatible Microsoft update is KB4041691 and disabling this KB will also fix TSplus compatibility issue.

  • In the new release 10.50, assigning application to Groups was omitted. It is fixed now. We also optimized this part of code to speed up the logon process and to make
    if faster.
  • The logon process (logonsession.bin) has been changed to avoid display of a File Explorer in some cases. It also have been audited to avoid svcr.exe crash which was still happening sometimes. It has been enhanced to warrant better performances and shorter logon delay. It includes now the required code to handle the new 10.50 capabilities.
  • The code of installuniversalprinter.bin and removeuniversalprinter.bin has been enhance to provide a better result, even in specific cases. However, we will add Universal Printers features in the next 10.60 release which will probably be announced before the end of 2017.
  • The Client Generator and the AdminTool "Assign Application" tile has been changed to provide a new great feature: Each user will see, in his SART menu, and within his TRAY icons, the list of his assigned applications. Without using his generated client, he will be able to select within these "Local Menu" one of these application and to start it as a RemoteAPP. To enable this nice new feature the Administrator must generate new connection clients. With the AdminTool, The Administrator can also decide whether or not he want to allow this new feature to be available for his users.
  • HTML5: The file transfer by Drag/Drop has been greatly enhanced to prevent files missing and to allow transfer of large number of files. If a files name already exists, instead of replacing it, it is automatically rename. The memory size and the CPU requirements as been optimized to warrant a strong stability and predictability of the result when a user is dropping large files or folders. Some other enhancement has been made for a better handling and display of the file transfer feature when using the Drag/Drop capability of the HTML5 client. The design of icons of the HTML5 Mini Menu has been enhanced.
  • Windows 10 Home. We added to support of Windows 10 Home. As you know this was removed beginning of the year 2017; however it is not included as it was in 2016.
  • HTML5: update by websockets on http address prevented correct working. It is fixed now
  • Explorer was sometime display when using Remote Desktop mode It is fixed now
  • Support of some Windows KB has been add in the kernel
  • HTML5 The latest build of HTML5 kernel and webime program has been include in this release.
  • In the Client Generator the option: "DO NOT DISPLAY SAVE CREDENTIALS" was not working. This is fixed now
  • When a user was printing several time the same document, in Preview mode, the next print was never open if the local Acrobat was still open. It is fixed now.
  • The name of the print document has been changed to make a nicer display when using Preview mode.
  • When application was calling a daughter process and closed, sometime (not always), was creating a situation where the session never closed. It is fixed now.
  • The Domain entry field, when using the Gateway Portal, was required to be enter before beeing able to type the logon. This was confusing for the user. Now the Domain entry field is the first one. Doing so, the system can validate the Logon because the Domain is known.

his version includes the latest compatibility fix for Microsoft's KB4022720 for Win 8.1 / Server 2012 R2.Please note that TSplus kernel is automatically updated on every TSplus server with a working Internet access, so most of your customers' servers are already up-to-date.This new version is only for offline servers without Internet access.

  • When using the Web Application Panel AND the RemoteAPP client the Universal Printer was not working It is fixed now
  • When using a .rdp file to open a session with RemoteApp mode AND the user have Microsoft Remote Desktop A Explorer was displayed and the logoff was very long. Now it display Folder.exe and the logoff is fast

The most important enhancement 10.40 Release is the Universal Printer installation. Now is it down silently (no more Windows pop-up)

Also, if the Universal Printer is removed for any raison, it is re-install automatically at the next reboot.

  • In some cases, the logon process was crashing the program svcr.exe We have strengh the code to eliminate such event
  • Support of the last W2012R2 hotfix is included
  • HTML5:
    • Customizable language strings for file upload/download/listing, now it is possible to change those via language.js
    • A lot of function depending on the user Session ID stopped to work when this session did change (reconnect, or session captured).It is fixed now.
    • Fixed issue in WinXP when copying files bigger than 150kb from \WebFile.
    • While using for simulating Hyper-V with WinXP, the screen sizedid not change properly. Now it takes correctly the screen size providedby virtual Hyper-V instance.
    • Added: Option to select files and to download from file listing menu.
  • Fix of alternateshell/Windows shell when the Windows shell is started before the logonsession process itself.
  • logonsession.bin has been changed to handle the case of some users having a "blue screen" or "black screen" displayed when they did reconnect
  • The reconnection/session capture, resizing handler has been improved in HTML5
  • The setup program was hanging some times at the end of the installation process It is fixed now
  • svcr.exe has been changed to avoid anti-virus false/positive issues and unexpected crashes
  • We have improved the name of the print files created by the Universal Printer. Before it was a long one like: 1234_file-name_-_print0004.pdf Now it is nice: file-name-01.pdf Also, this enhancement was causing an issue when using LibreOffice It is fixed now
  • RemoteApp client:
    Some time the RemoteApp client was not able to catch the clipboard content. As result, the connection was handled as a dumb mstsc one. It is fixed now
  • HTML5:
    When target rdp server is not localhost and target server is win2012 or win10 or newer, and originally connecting gateway mismatch in their system language (gateway english > original french etc.)then this version adds support of fallback time zone.Usually the gateway sends to target time zones in local language, as result server does not recognize it and fails to display time zone,same issue occurs even with mstsc.exe when connecting to Win2008 and older. Microsoft added since win2012 etc. support for such kind of connections. So now this feature is supported by html5 client too.Local servers are unaffected since there original and target do not differ in language.Ctrl+Ins for clipboard copy and Shift+Ins for clipboard paste, PC browsers only. (no Mac since not supported there). Added new variable for cases where user wants to disable secured traffic on http portwebserver\settings.bin > disable_ssl_on_http=true
  • More improvments of the logon process
  • Fix of the new Universal Printer narrow margin question
  • The command lines for applications published with the Web Application Portal are now supported.


  • Added support of mult-domain certificates for serving as SNI.
    That was required by one guy who wanted to serve multiple certificates but one certificate was additionally for multiple domains.
    So by calling
    as certificate will be served only one file
    also the leading point of cert file tells it is for multiple domains.
    But still full match certificate is prefered if any existing.
  • To improve security by hot reconfiguration calls to avoid that someone else changes it without allowance I added additional pass check if required, since by default it is empty. To set pass call from browser
    from now on any hot reconfiguration would require passing of pass
    as example
  • Few peoples required SSLv3 due usage of IE6-7, on Java8 and higher it is disabled by default, to overcome that I still allow it by setting.
    webserver\settings.bin > ie6_ssl_workaround=true
    The nice side effect, it is limited only to IE6-7, so I still successfully pass SSL Labs check while at same time supporting IE6-7 with SSL.
    But by default SSLv3 stays anyway disabled, so support must be extra activated by this setting.
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