• Detect 2 small issues in the Web Application panel mode.
  • Better code for logonsession.exe (more stable, and faster logon)
  • Better file transfer feature for HTML5 For several weeks, customer was expecting these enhancement With the AdminTool you can now select if you wish to use Explorer to select files to download and you can select multiple files. You can also prefer to use the "built-in" file download selection GUI and in such case the new one is more clear for the user.
  • We did remove FileTransfer.exe but some customer like to use it. So, it is now back and availble in .../files folder
  • The Universal Printer code is more stable
  • There was a bug in UniversalPrinter. One folder was not correctly created at the session startup. It is fixed now
  • For one customer deploying RemoteApp with simple .rdp files we added the support of such feature. The Universal Printer cannot work when using this king of deployement.
  • We improve the speed of logon and the logon process is using less CPU
  • We have enhance the fix to avoid issue when multiple sessions are open with the same logon and when only one application is started. If any customer is having issues with a "blue screen", most probably this fix will do the job to remove such issue.
  • The HTML5 includes 2 more security enhancement. If the administrator with to prohibit the file transfer he can now use in setting.js: disable_file_access=true
  • When the user had a space into its password, the Generate Client (or the RemoteApp client) was not accepted. It is fixed now.
  • The Web Application Portal has been enhanced to avoid invalid credential. Instead of going to the Windows server, the user will see a warning pop-up "Invalid credential"
  • Minor fix on the clipboard handler at logon.
  • When 2 users was opening a session using the same logon, AND, one application was started (Notepad or the Floating Panel) the second users was getting a blue screen (without any started application) This is fixed now
  • The new HTML5 kernel has closed one security hole and it enables now to enhance the security for demanding environments
  • Small change to handle cases where the system is too slow to handle fast enough the clipboad at session startup
  • New feature added to Advanced Security tile
  • Better handler of the HTML5 resizing
  • Icon install problem for the floating panel: fixed
  • In some case of reconnect the user did get a "blue screen" It is fixed now
  • Issues when using RempteAPP: When only one session per user was selected, AND, when using RemoteApp, the reconnection was causing issues. Without entering into details, the current release includes fixes to prevent having issues with RemoteApp. One side effect of this kind of specific issues was for the Universal Printer because, possibly, 2 processes was universalprinter processes was running after a reconnect. An other one was that it was not possible to reconnect at all after a disconnect. So, if any customer has troubles with RemoteApp, the good answer now it to apply the UdateRelease patch.
  • New HTML5 kernel with minor enhancement included.
  • For the first time over the past 10 years, TSplus is now managing the TIME ZONE REDIRECTION. This is one makor enhancement for any customer in large country like USA, Canada, Russia, China or Brasil. It is also very positive for any Cloud Computing hosted solution.
  • The Floating Panel design has been improve and now the administrator has amazing capabilities to change the background color, the button color...
  • The filte transfer has been improve with better user interface- The resize feature on HTML5 has been improved
  • The modification of the screen saver in the Client Generator has been removed
  • The 9.60 is including all fixes of the latest 9.50
  • The feature to be able to use the TSplus shell opening preference has been disabled on W8/W10/W2012/W2016
  • The release 9.60 is including the latest development of the HTML5 client
  • Added: Option to set the Universal Printer in Letter or A4 format (in the Session opening preference of the AdminTool)
  • The registry in HKCU to tell a software editor what kind of device is used by the user to open a HTML session has changed to add the user session ID
  • Enhancement of the gesture handler when using tablet in HTML5
  • Ehancement of the resize capbility of the HTML5 client
  • Faster closing process when logoff from a single published application
  • Fix of the issue in Web Application Portal when the code is modifyed to open each application in the same browser tab
  • In Application Panel, the title of the windows is now the one specify in floatingpanel.ini file
  • settings modified in remoteapp2.js are no more changed when applying an Update Release
  • The Value of some settings under Session and HTML5 Client category can now be saved
  • Application Control: On W8/W10/2012/2016, a user starting Explorer.exe did get a Full Desktop, even if the administrator did assign him one single application. We did not had this problem with XP/2003/W7/2008. It is not fixed. The solution we have implemented is not a perfect one but it looks much better and most probably will answer this issue in 99% of possible cases.
  • Logoff issues; In some cases we had logoff issues. It is fixed now.- Visual Effects and Blinking issues: We added in the AdminTool / GPO tile the option to change the Visual Effect preference to avoid this issues. The default settings is "Settings for the best performances"
  • The Client Generator default settings has bee changes for RDP/RemoteApp to provide the best combinaisons. However, the administrator can select different ones. These default settings can be also changed in remoteapp2.js for the Web Portal RemoteApp client.
  • We added one new security feature: Specify time schedule when users will be allowed to connect. This will be offcially annouced in the upcoming 9.60 release.
  • printpdf: in some cases the Universal Printer was using too much CPU. This is fixed in this release.
  • Mouse pointer changes: For the past 2 years we did change the mouse pointer for the HTML5 client. We have remove these changes.
  • HTML5: The new code includes new option for customer using IIS and a reverse-proxy for their IIS servers.
  • New Security option: The administrator can decide that using the Web Portal / HTML5 is mandatory. In such case, users will not be able to connect using mstsc or a generated client.
  • New nice feature: If a user connect from an IPAD or a Smartphone, the RemoteApp radio button is no more displayed.
  • New nice feature: For web file transfer, the administrator can now set 2 different folder on the server. The Upload folder to tell from what Folder the user will select the files to upload. The Download folder, to tell where, on the server, the downloaded files will be stored.
  • New nice feature: If a user click on one button the HTML5 top menu, the top menu is automatically closed. To enable this new feature you must set to true the variable:W.newMenuHideOnClick = true; //When new menu used unroll the menu after clicking on buttons.
  • New feature: Software editors can now read the following registry value to know what device and what browser have been used to open a HTML5 session. HKCU/Software/Webdata
  • Floating Panel enhancement: The display of icons in the new Floating Panel is much more clear and nice looking. Also, the Floating Panel cannot be moved by the user outside of the left side of the screen boundaries.
  • Farm Manager: This exciting new feature is becoming more advanced. Soon it will be the "must have" complete Farm management wizard and from the Gateway you will able to handle every aspect of a TSplus farm.
  • FlexiCloud license update problem: We had last week one trouble from our DNS service provider. Sub problem hardly happen but we did change the code to prevent such annoyance to happen again.
  • Latest release of HTML5: It include a better detection of user devices, several fixes and the best practice to use 64 bits Java capabilities.
  • Long logoff issue: On some system the logoff was very long (over 3 minutes). It is fixed now.
  • The Client Generator was using default settings with low font resolutions. As result, the character display can be blur. It is fixed now.
  • The smartsizing was mandatory when selecting the option to do not hide the local taskbar. It is no more mandatory
  • HTML5: enhancement of IE11 support
  • There was an error pop-up when running a session without Full Desktop. It is fixed now
  • The parameters of the Client Generator was not properly saved. It is fixed now


  • New enhancement of the Floating Panel (nicer)
  • New AdminTool feature to customize the Floating Panel
  • Fix of the "black sceen" issue when editing the Floating Panel
  • Fix of the "black screen" issue when using LogoffOnDisconnect
  • Fix of the "black screen" issue when application hangs at logoff
  • Hide of logon/logoff message for a faster logon/logoff
  • Fix of issues with RemoteApp (it was not possible to open twice connection from the same PC) And... Sometime the RemoteApp logon was not possible
  • Much better HTML5 setting for customer who do not reboot the server (this is a very usefull enhancement)
  • Fix of the long logoff
  • Client Generator
    • Enable to display the user local taskbar even in "Full screen"
    • Fix of User Screen size
  • Fix of File Select in web download
  • The new Floating Panel customization program was started when using the Task Bar customization tile. It is fixed now.
  • The 9.60 is including a very nice new security feature: The administrator can set working hours "per user" during which the user is allowed to open a session
  • The 9.60 is also included the first release of the Farm Manager new feature. This feature is important and will be greatly appreciated by any large deployement project. The feature will be completed later but the core part in now included. Please note that we decided to include it as a "Enterprise Edition" mandatory license. So, to use it, EACH SERVER OF THE FAR MUST OWN and Enterprise license.
  • First publication of the release 9.50: This release includes all fixes made for the release 9.40
  • It add one new feature: With the WebCredential GUI you can now set a maximum number ofconcurrent session "per user". If you have a web enable application and you wish to have
    3 users allowed for New-York
    10 users allowed or Chicago
    5 users allowed to Paris
    And each user will connect using the WebCredential of his citythis new feature enable you to manage such limit very easely
  • It fix the issue of the system audit GUI

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