• Performance enhancements This release includes major enhancements of the Web printing performances and the reduction of CPU usage when many users are connected. It paves the way of the release 9.50 where, most probably, we will completly remove the process webprint.exe "per user".
  • HTML5:
    • The resize feature of the user web browser has been enanhaced
    • The Universal Printer is now using the Virtual Chanel for a fast print job
    • The language selection menu has been enahnced
    • The upcoming Chrome mobile support has been added
  • Change of the Generated Client and on the RemoteApp client For year we was using VeryPDF toolkit to enable the print on the default printer or the enable for the user to select one of his local printer However, VeryPDF is not a good product (complex to maintain, unpredictable for some options, problem with landscape, with bar codes printing, with margins...) As result, when we decided to change one parameter, the impact could be bad on others. In this new release we do not use VeryPDF anymore. We have replace it by Sumatra whihc is a light and very simple PDF printing tool.
  • FloatingPanel: There was a bug when more than 7 applications was published. This bug is fixed now.
  • HTML5
    • Added advnced way for CapsLock/NumLock/ScrollLock synchronization between client and server instead simulating it via Caps/Num/ScrilLock key pressures.
    • W.disableTableConversion = false; By true no unicode to scancode conversion used, but passed directly as unicode.By setting to true this way will prefer chars passed from browser "as is" in users actual local typing language, however this way allows to type without changing rdp server language input.Some ANSI only applications/inputs will stop to work like AWT Java. And Chinese/Korean/Japanese not possible too due IME conversion from latin chars, you would just get latin chars passed.I do not recommand to set it to true if you want 100% compatiblity with all apllications running inside session, but if your used applications are unicode compatible, this may help you to avoid synchronizing languages.
    • W.preferscancode = false; If you use primarily Windows with modern Chrome(or Chromium based like Opera etc.) or modern Windows FireFox that support scancode mode, you may set it to true.


  • The code has been optimized to use less CPU. As result we expect to be able to support more concurent users on the same server.
    This enhancement will be extended during the next few weeks.
  • HTML5:
    • New way to handle Numlock/Capslock
    • Added language bar in the menu
    • Added fix for Japonese keys as well as Korean
    • Added the capability to acces the Hyper-V hypervisor console
    • Enhanced support of Corporate Firewalls/Proxy for the Gateway
  • Fixed a bug in Web Applications Portal for XP, Vista, Server 2003 and Server 2008.
  • Fixed a bug in System Audit for XP and Server 2003
  • Fixed a bug in Session Name editing
  • Improved stability when Administrator change RDP port
  • HTML5 client: software keyboard is now adjustable with "W.softMKStyle" in settings.js
  • HTML5 client: fixed bug with Java AWT apps and CapsLock


  • Free Certificate Manager: you can now reset the domain name (e.g. if you want to change it)
  • Free Certificate Manager: you can now type multiple domain names (e.g. ",,")
  • RDP Defender (RDP firewall): you can now whitelist an IP range / network (e.g. or
  • RDP Defender is now added in all rebranded versions
  • Web Portal Windows Client: fixed a bug when using this client with both Reverse-Proxy and Gateway User/Server Assignments
  • Web Server: improved the default settings for a more secure HTTPS while increasing compatibility with even more mobile devices
  • Taskbar customize tile: change of the provided feature. It enables to change the application working area (full screen, always show the Blue/Grey bar even if the application is maximized, show the local PC taskbar even if the application is maximized)
  • New option for the Themes management
  • The TSplus taskbar minimized buttons and systray icons are display in a better position
  • System Audit: fixed wrong description + fixed wrong license detection bug
  • Improved performance for large number of users
  • Improved print handling: better detection of the format (landscape vs portrait), resizing if the document is larger than the paper size, support of large documents with hundreds of pages
  • Added compatibility for latest Windows 10 Insider Builds and Windows 7/2008R2 "Rollup" KB update
  • HTML5 client: folders can now be dropped in Chrome to upload them to the server session
  • HTML5 client: bug fixed when used with Web Credentials on page refresh
  • HTML5 client: SSL multi-domain support
  • HTML5 client: workaround for reported issue with time zones that lead Outlook to show wrong time on emails
  • HTML5 client: several bugs fixed for the Top Menu (disabling file transfer button was disabling all file related buttons, encoding issues)
  • HTML5 client: fix on Firefox ctrl+c issue
  • All known 9.30 issues have been fixed and this release is including all of these fixes.
  • The session name is changed to "Session"
  • This version fixes a bug with big files download in previous version, which was blocking RemoteApp Client update.
  • You should update if you have any troubles connecting to your server when using RemoteApp Client.
  • When disconnecting in HTML5, the user profile was corrupted. It is fixed now.
  • When .jar files gets blocked for reading by external program, for example Antivirus, the web servers did not starts as expected. It is fixed now
  • Stable enhancement when the memory is not big enough. Before starting new client instance, we check hothe memory requirement. If less than 50 MB is availbale, we do not allow the new session and we display a warning pop-up.
  • this is just a full rebuild of TSplus to avoid warnings in our "System Audit" feature and include the latest RDP-Defender version.
  • - Free Certificate Manager:
    • you can now reset the domain name (e.g. if you want to change it)
    • you can now type multiple domain names (e.g. ",,")
  • RDP Defender: you can now whitelist an IP range / network (e.g. or
  • System Audit: fixed wrong description + fixed wrong license detection bug
  • Added compatibility for latest Windows 10 Insider Build and Windows 7/2008R2 "Rollup" KB update
  • HTML5 improvements and bug fixes:
    • bug fixed when used with webcredentials on page refresh
    • SSL multidomain support
    • new variable W.UniversalPrinterServerDomain for a special edge case using IIS and multiple domains with printing in HTML5
    • if used subfolder via -Dwwwroot, allow to handle cgi-bin folder of subfolder and root folder as cgi allowed
    • workaround for reported issue with time zones that lead Outlook to show wrong time on emails
    • XPS and PCL6 printers can now support auto print
    • added some helper page for languages


  • The Select mode on generated client was printing in Preview mode. It is fixed now.


  • OpenOnClient: when opening the Word or Excel document, an error was displayed
    after few seconds by Word or Excell. It is fixed now.

HTML5 (important enhancements)

  • The printing has been improved to support large documents (hundreds of pages)
  • Internet Explorer Edge sends prior any GET request HEAD request (Chrome and FireFox do not do that). This fix avoid memory leak or even Java machine crash.
  • About wrong credentials on CredSSP, the code have updated. This will eliminate such issue, for exmaple, if user activated NLA only clients.
  • When possible, the file to be downloaded will be sent via iframe instead This enhancement will avoid annoying messages about blocked popups.

This is the first release 9.30

  • The Client Generator has been improved. It now enable to hide some of the redirected drive.
    The bug of the RDP mode whihc was always "full screen" is fixed.
    The Bit Map Cashing, which is a security issue, has been disabled
    The option to optimize the bandwith has been added
  • The printing issue when the user disconnect/reconnect (in Web mode and with the Generate Client) has been fixed.
  • The existing "System Audit" tool was very basic. It has been improved with more diagnosis, more help and better suggestions. The new tool is available in the "Server" part of TSplus AdminTool.
  • The Load-Balancing feature has been improved and has now an optional "sticky sessions" setting.
    When sticky sessions are enabled, any user who has an existing (connected or disconnected) session on a given application server will automatically be balanced to this application server. This is very useful for example to get an existing session back after a network disconnection.
    This new setting is available in the "Load-Balancing" tool, in the "Gateway" part of TSplus AdminTool.
  • The RDP firewall "RDP Defender" has been integrated into TSplus.
    If your Windows server is publicly available on Internet, then there is a 100% probability that hackers, network scanners and brute force robots are trying to guess your Administrator login and password - as we speak.
    Using current logins and password dictionaries, they will automatically try to login to your server hundreds to thousands times every minute. RDP Defender takes less than 30 seconds and will instantly protect your server by monitoring Windows failed login attempts and automatically blacklist the offending IP addresses after several failures.
    You can of course configure it to match your needs.
    This new tool is available in the "Security" part of TSplus AdminTool.
  • The W10 support has been enhanced
  • The HTML5 has been enhanced
  • OpenOnClient: The open document was closed when the session did close and the file transfer was not properly handled. It is fixed now.
  • Client Generator: When the local disque are checked, all disk letter are checked
  • The adding of 2 users on server OS due the Admin Cals was not properly handled. It is fixed now.
  • In Select mode, when the Windows OS was not english, to printer pop-up was behind the RDF windows. It is fixed now.
  • In the Select print mode and in the Print on default printer mode, the portrait format was not detected automatically. It is fixed now.
  • In the Select print mode and in the Print on default printer mode, if the document was larger than the paper format the right side of the document was not printed. We decided to change the printer handler (VeryPDF) to tell the print to be resized to the paper format.


  • This is the last release 9.20 before the anouncement of the release 9.30. It already includes some nice enhancements
  • The load balancing has been rewrite to support the "sticky sessions" feature. It means that a user will reconnect to the same server within a farm.
  • The system audit has been rewrite
  • On W10, we enforce the use of the Windows Shell to eliminate the issue created after 10 minutes of idle.
  • We added (on TSplus only) the new RDS Defender tools which is a shield against hackers.
  • The printing continue to work (web, generated client and remoteapp) even if the user disconnect and reconnect his session.
  • The issue of application starting daughter processes has been fixed
    It has also be tested when using a .bat file starting application.
  • The logoff issue when publishing one application And the Windows Shell has been fixed.
  • The license activation in the AdminTool was including a bug which has been fixed
  • When resizing in HTML5, sometime, the published application was behind the background color. It is fixed now
  • logonsession process has been change for better performances when one, or mulitple applications are started at the session opening (no floating panel, no taskbar).
  • The client generator have now 2 new options:
    • Low speed network (no background and no graphic animations)
    • Fast network (background display and graphic animations allowed)
  • HTML5: fix to enable xhr polling connection on iOS.
    Improved SSL SNI recognizing for domain based forwarding
    This is also ported on Java 8 for a better support of Java 8
    Support of larger size for CTRL+C
  • When printing using Web Portal, or RemoteApp client there was a bug: multiple prints for the same document.
  • When starting a session, some useless folders remains on the server side after logoff.
  • When a large number of users was connected, the CPU dedicated to TSplus processes became too high.
  • HTML5:
    • Folder can be now dropped in Chrome, the folder structure stays same (folder dropping is Chromes non standard feature, the folder can only be dropped.)(The folder picking was not included, since does not contain folder path, but only file array from all subfolders). The folder is not yet auto copied to destinations like desktop etc, only separate files.
    • Bug fix with Numpad buttons, the state was not restored after page reload and the number 5 in numlock-off state was wrongly reported as numlock button, both fixed.
    • Restored some cookies for http connection, since their lack broke the connection restoring.
  • Floating Panel was started twice.
  • The backgroud color was not properly apply.
  • Multiple copies of svcr.exe was running on the user side.
  • Reverse Proxy role: On some slow servers, some sessions was open on the Gateway rather than on the targeted Application Server. This is fixed.
  • The Czech language has been added
  • The HTML5 client has been improved for AutoCAD graphical display
  • Some users had problem to connect with the RemoteApp client because of a Windows issue on bit map cra[jvpiechart title="Title" from="100" to="25" barcolor="#dddddd" trackcolor="#ffd442" linecap="10" linewidth="10" size="253" icon="fa fa-star"]shing. We have set this parameter to 0. Doing so, we are eliminating this issue.
  • Fix of perfromance issue in 9.30 when many users are connected AND only one application is published.
  • The Client Generator does not display the Domain when the key word nosavecredential is used in as user logon
  • HTML5:
    • IE Explorer fix for non-latin char files.
    • Cookies secure tag and other security improvements.
    • Upload folder auto creation if not available.
    • Added new cursor to default editable (for displaying editable keyboard field)


  • Several minor bug fixed
  • RemoteAppClient has now a completely clean uninstallation, and the clean.exe program as well as the "client.exe /clean" command line fully clean the "RemoteApp" folder
  • RemoteAppClient Automatic Update : the progress bar now moves to reflect the actual dowload progression
  • RemoteApp parameters files are now automatically cleaned every minute

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