• Taskbar buttons and Notification area (Systray).
  • In this new release this AdminTool feature has been completely changed in order to:
    • It provide a better and less confusing GUI for the administrators
    • To warrant the expected behavior
  • WinXShell alternative to Windows Shell on W10/W2016
    This new release includes the proper replacement of Windows Shell. It includes the use of a customized version of Classic Shell to display the Start button feature. Please note that for system with a license for 3, 5 or 10 users, This Shell alternative will never apply. It is only for more "demanding" servers where saving logon resources is crutial that we do propose the use of WinXshell. One fresh setup, the default setting is to use WinXShell. On Update Release, if nothing has been set before, the default setting is not to use it.
  • When the administrator was selected the CUST PDF printer, the GhostScript was install again at reboot. With this new release, it will not happening anymore.
  • There was an error when applying the Update Release and when a WinXshell user was connected. This is fixed now.
  • The LAN access was not possibly using the Web Portal when prohibiting the access using a mstsc client.  This is fixed now.
  • The SSL/Ciphers management has been enhanced
  • Reconnection on RemotApp disconnected session was not possible. It is fixed now.
  • There was an issue with Web connection when webcredential.ini file did not exists. It if fixed now.
  • ConnectLauncher.exe on the user side can now be started without parameters. In such case, it will ask to select the .connect file that has to be edited.
  • To be easy to download from anyplace, the Setup-ConnectionClient.exe is now available on our server, and on the customer /www/ConnectionClient folder.
  • The HTML5 / Web Server has been enhanced and its latest release is included

And of course this 1.70 release includes all enhancements and fixes of the former 11.60 release


This version fixes a compatibility issue with Microsoft latest updates on Windows 10 RTM 32 and 64 bits and Windows 10 1607 32 bits.


This is a corrective release.

During the past week several issues created troubles to customers updating their former releases of TSplus.
This Update is addressing these issues and hopefully will avoid them to continue.

  • When updating, sometime, the changed HTTP/HTTPS port was turn back to the port 80/443. This is fixed now.
  • When updating and changing the RDP port number, the new port number was blocked by the Windows firewall. This is fixed now.
  • On W10/2016, to support RemoteApp over 16 concurrent users we did disabled the capability to reconnect a disconnected session. Now this will be limited only for RemoteApp session when more than 14 concurrent session are already running.
  • On W10/2016, the new WinXshell was published for users (not admin accounts) right from the first connection.
    The WinXshell is still not completled as we want it to be and customers claims that it is not what they wish. To avoid problem, but to keep the benefit of being able to start more than 16 "full Desktop" on these systems we now do display it only after 12 open sessions.
    Also, for not English systems, this release of WinXshell is displaying the text using the system language. On this specific important matter, we expect to complete a good solution in November.
  • On the AdminTool Session Preference tab, the capability to enable/disable the WinXshell alternative to the Windows Shell was not available. It is fixed now.
  • In the Advanced security tab, requesting to block RDP client connection was also blocking HTML5. It is fixed now

Important comment: If, after downloading and applying this Update Release, a customer having change the RDP port (3389) have a problem to connect
using, for example a RemoteApp client, the solution is simple: Change the HTTP port --> apply, restore the HTTP port --> apply.
Doing so the proper rule on the Windows firewall will be added and the problem will be fixed.



  • fixed bug: TSplus Taskbar was not displayed anymore
  • fixed bug: users with no applications assigned were getting an empty screen
  • fixed bug: a user being in both an assigned local group and an assigned domain group was getting the assigned application icon twice in FloatingPanel
  • fixed bug: applications were started in fullscreen mode even when the "Launch this application with its original size and position" was checked in AdminTool > Applications
  • Several bug fixed and better handling of Services during Setup, Updates and Uninstall
  • Application Runtime and Active Directory library updated to their latest version


  • fixed bug: when two .connect files had the same name, connection settings of the first .connect file started where also used when running the second .connect file
  • fixed bug: audiocapturemode was forced to 1 even when the client settings was "off"
  • Setup-ConnectionClient.exe is now also available on http://your-server/ConnectionClient/Setup-ConnectionClient.exe for easy deployment
  • ConnectLauncher.exe (in %USERPROFILE%\RDP6) can now be run without parameters, directly by double-clicking on it. It will then display a standard file chooser dialog then offer the choice to either connect or edit the selected .connect file


  • WinXshell: fixed startup path
  • WinXshell: executable is now code signed
  • Talisman shell: executables are now code signed
  • WinXshell update: multi-languages support and menu items customization


  • GhostScript: setup does not include docs, thus reducing the size of our Setup and UpdateRelease files
  • Web Applications Portal: application icons were retrieved by a full AutoIt compiled executable. It has now be embeded in the existing hb.exe, thus reducing the size of our Setup and UpdateRelease files and removing a potential antivirus false-positive warning


  • HTML5: restored support for IIS reverse proxy
  • HTML5: added ticket support for usage under IIS reverse proxy environment
  • HTML5: improved when server is used behind proxy/nginx
  • HTML5 v6.01: bug fix for the previous update
  • added asymmetric extra encryption for sensitive logon data even when sent via http only protocol
  • HTML5: fixed a lot of bugs from previous ticket implementation


  • Ransomware Protection is now disabled by default. You can enable it in RDS-Knight > Ransomware Protection > Enable Ransomware Protection
  • Some issues was due to services that did not start as expected.
    It is fixed now
  • Some times, after Update Release, it was required to reboot twice.
    It is fixed now


  • Added: In the AdminTool "Session Preference" tile, the administrator can now enable or disable the new WinXshell alternative to the Windows Shell.
    Please note that soon (probably end of October) we will add the capability to translate the texts of WinXsheel and to hide features for the users.
  • Added: The applications starts "Maximized" when using the Web Portal. This is useful specially when using the TSplus App to immediately see the expected application maximized. However, the adminitrator can use the Application tile to overpass this rule and to display the application as "Normal"
  • Fixed: The Upload file feature in HTML5 when using the Explorer option instead of the TSplus GUI
  • The start of the Web Server was not always processed art reboot. It is fixed now.
  • The NFTS rights for users to write on some folders was not always what was expected. It is fixed now for any new installation


  • The start of the services has been strengthen
  • The shortcut button in the taskbar has been reset to be displayed without "Others" button
  • The RDS-WebAccess license issue has been fixed
  • The Universal Printer issues has been fixed
  • The new release of RDS-Knight with the new anti-ransomware is included
  • The Application Panel issue has been fixed

Two known problems remains and will be fixed tomorrow


This new release is focused on the best support of Windows 2016 and W10 latest releases, including the upcoming build October 2018 Update.

  • The RemoteApp logon process has been changed to warrant the expected result, even on heavy loaded systems. Limit on the number of RemoteApp session on W2016/W10 has been lifted.
  • On W10/W2016, the Windows Shell is replaced by our new WinXshell for all system where the TSplus license is more than 10 users. Please note that this is not the final version of WinXshell. We do expect enhancements before the end of October 2018.
  • On W10/W2016, the GPO tile of the AdminTool has been enhanced to be able to enable/disable the new "per user" services which are useless on the "server" environment.
  • If the system is not installed on the C: drive, Ghostscript setup was blocked. To avoid this issue in such case, we just ask the administrator to process his GS installation manually.
  • The Universal Printer was not working when different version of Ghostscript was installed. It is fixed now at reboot. However, if a printing problem subsist after the reboot, the re-install of the Ghostscript driver with the AdminTool Printer Management tile will fix it.
  • The Universal Printer was not working due to a lack of rights to write on ../www folder. It is fixed now.
  • When using RemoteApp on client, in the user systray, possibly, multiple icons was displayed. Also, the systray icon was displayed even when not application has been assigned to the user. It is fixed now. Please note the to enable this fix, the user must exit the existing systray and the install the newest Setup-RemoteAppClient.exe
  • The overall security of TSplus Web Portal has been enhanced
  • Include the support of the latest KB
  • To enhance security 3 services are now started with Local Service instead of System Service with restriced privilidges
  • To enhance security, in /WWW folder, the "Users" grant Write rights  only on /PRINTS and on /DOWLOADS sub-folders.
  • To enhance security only Admins and System can access to /cgi folder
  • To enhance security the latest release of Ghostscript and openSSL are included
  • RemoteApp on W2016 fix on W2016 was not properly set. It is fixed now
  • The candidate release of the new Alternate Shell (WinXshell) is now included. It eliminate the limit of 16 users (black screen) on W10 and W2016.
  • The GOP tile idle time was not correctly set. It is fix now
  • On W10 / W2016 the GPO tile is adding the feature to disable services "per user". This is reducing the users logon time
  • The logon time is faster even when using mstsc
  • Sometime RemoteApp was showing a blue background. It is fixed now
  • HTML5 speed and security has been enhanced
  • The Client Generator does not display anymore the "Client Serial number security" because it is point less as we do not use a .exe program anymore
  • The Setup has been changed to enable installation on servers where the system in not installed on C: drive
  • License control has been changed to prevent hacked licenses to be activated
  • An error was display when installing on a system without Internet access. It is fixed now
  • In Web Application AND for the RemoteApp mode, AND when Folder.exe application is set with a specific folder (for example : C:\Myfolder it was the user Desktop which was displayed. It is fixed nox
  • HTML5: the new version include new security features and some enhancements for a better support of old IE versions
  • Logon process has been optimized
  • RemoteApp support on W2016 has been enhanced
  • TSplus supports now more than 16 RemoteApp sessions  on W10 and W2016.
  • Opening a session with msts.exe has never be as fast as now.
  • The logon process has been optimized
  • The Session Manager option "The second session will be logoff" was alway selected. It is fixed now.
  • One command line has been added for a customer expecting to use  the Microsoft Gateway instead of TSplus Gateway.

Including  the latest release of RDS-Knight where

  • Fix whitelisted IP blocked by Homeland Access Protection
  • Fix One Click to Secure Desktop settings not applied for least-privileged user accounts
  • Fix RDS-Knight-Session crash at session logon
  • Updated French localized labels
  • Updated IP to Countries list

Adding the Uninstal tile in the AdminTool.
his tile was displayed in the former release but removed in the release 11.50.

  • HTML5: fixed a graphical bug on Server 2003
  • HTML5: better mouse events handling
  • HTML5: mouse cursor handling rewritten
  • fixed a Volume Licensing bug in Setup
  • Compatibility fix for Windows 10 version 1703 64 bits due to KB4284874
  • Web Portal / Mobile App: fixed bug if application path started/ended with double quotes
  • Client Generator: "Use Gateway" checkbox renamed to "Use Load-Balancing" for clarity
  • Connection Client: added code to try harder to avoid this warning: "The publisher of this remote connection can't be identified. Do you want to connect anyway?"
  • Free Certificate Manager: if you use this feature to get a HTTPS certificate on Web Portal, then this certificate will now also be configured for the RDP protocol connection itself. This avoid this warning: "The identity of the remote computer cannot be verified. Do you want to connect anyway?"
  • TSplus app for Windows can now be rebranded for our partners
  • Fixed compatibility with latest Windows updates
  • Fixed "Activate your License" button missing
  • Fixed "msvcrt120.dll missing" error message in Free Certificate Manager
  • HTML5: fixes for new Chrome and Firefox versions
  • HTML5: fix for specific print bug on old Windows version with Firefox
  • [Security] TSplus Web Portal now uses the POST action to send parameters to the server, thus encrypting everything when using HTTPS.
    All connection clients have been updated to use this new action by default.
  • [Security] TSplus Web Portal now limits the number of failed logon attemps.
    After 3 logon attemps with a bad password in less than 15 minutes, the user is locked and cannot connect for the next 30 minutes.
    These number are configurable in TSplus\Clients\www\cgi-bin\hb.exe.config
  • [Security] OpenSSL and related dlls have been updated to their latest version
  • [Security] Existing sessions web listing can now be disabled in AppControl.ini
    To do so, add the following line in the [Security] section of AppControl.ini:
    Please note that this will prevent the Load-Balancing "Sticky Sessions" feature to work.
  • HTML5: fix for Chrome with cursor.
    When user was leaving browser with cursor, then moved cursor back to browser, and has catched the browsers edges/borders then browser began to display that cursor even when continuing to move over canvas-rdp area, which looked ugly.
  • HTML5: fix for latest Windows 10 update which could cause web server to hang.
  • Web Server: added support for upcoming Java11

Major release 11.50

  • The licensing code has been greatly enhanced  to enable new features. It pave the way for TSplus license management and License Portal upcoming changes.  For more information on the new license capability (Volume License scheme), please contact us.
  • When a new user account is created, the system does not display the Full Desktop at the very first connection. 
  • The Full desktop is displayed  when now application is assigned and when  the Microsoft Remote Desktop application is assigned to a user or to a group.
  • When the Administrator  is using the AdminTool  to request the download of the UpdateRelease.exe program, instead of having to download it when IT and to apply it from the Download folder when the download is completed,  the AdminTool will do these tasks automatically.
  • In the client generator the local resources are selected as default settings. Many customer do not understand that they have to do it to enable COM port or printer redirection. It is better to avoid this kind of misunderstanding.
  • The Session Management (GPO) code has been completely rewritten. It was a old code that never did change for years. The goal is to make it easier to understand for the administrator.
  • HTML5: The latest HTML5 code has been included into this new release 11.50.
    • We added a file picker feature with the ability to set filters on file extensions to limit the upload capabilities to allowed files. It support on-copy event process execution.
    • The latest release of IE Edge is supported.
    • It enable the use of third party web services and it allows to pass SSL+HTTP traffic to third party web servers. This can help customers wanting to stay with Microsoft IIS server.
  • The last Microsoft Update on W10 is including a regression in the support of former RDP release connection clients (for example Thin Client devices). The proper fix to address this W10 Update regression in now included.
  • The RemoteApp was using quite a lot of CPU because of Windows default  settings.The proper fix to address this RemoteApp CPU issue in now included.
  • HTML5 and security enhancements:
    • The current release includes major security enhacements which are not yet documented and which will be  available in the AdminTool with the upcoming release 11.40  scheduled for the end of June, 2018.
    • This update enables to change the drag/drop target folders when you are using the Folder.exe program
  • Minor changes but required ones
  • Better handler of the console logon
  • - HTML5: The webclientdate.exe program has been removed and replaced by a bult-in web channel new feature. Also, at logoff, the registry entry in HKCU/Webdata of the current session ID is removed.
  • When using the Web Application Portal AND when selecting an application with a command line AND when using the RemoteApp plugin the command line was not handled properly. It is fixed now
  • W10 Spring Creator Update support has been added
  • A new security feature has been added to prohibit the capablity to start and  application if it is not assigned in the AdminTool.  To active it, edit AppControl.ini and add
    Doing so, only users with assigned application(s)  will be allowed to open a session.
  • Security: a new realese of Jquery is now installed to enhance the security
  • The default Network Level Authentication (NLA) is now set for a a better security of remote accesses
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