Monitor your Remote Desktop Services server

Server Genius

Monitorare i tuoi server RDP non è mai stato così facile!

Con Server Genius puoi risparmia soldi della tua azienda monitorando le applicazioni con licenza "per user" e rilevare applicazioni con uso eccessivo o persino software non utilizzato! Server Genius ti aiuta a ottimizzare le tue risorse e ridurre costi inutili. Ti aiuta a monitorare server in load balancing per spostare utenti su server meno carico, ideale per pianificare a lungo termine l'evoluzione dell'infrastruttura IT.

Server Genius fornisce informazioni sull'utilizzo del server (CPU, memoria, I / O, dischi), l'utilizzo delle applicazioni e gli utenti sui servizi Desktop Remoto.

Traccia modifiche, risorse ed utenti in tempo reale con avvisi via email: non aspettare che i tuoi utenti si lamentino! L'interfaccia Web ti consente di avere una panoramica completa dell'attività del tuo server anche dal tuo tablet o cellulare!

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The easiest reporting solution for your server

Server Genius is easy to install, use and maintain. Use our agentless data collection technology to extract the most useful information about Windows RDP hosts and Remote Desktop Services infrastructure from your server and display it in a central database.

    -> 30 seconds setup Guarantee.
    -> No complex reports designer.
    -> No long days required to setup complex reports.

Track remote access to Host Server and monitor RDP sessions

Without the ability to monitor user activity in real-time, companies will continue to suffer from undetected user-based threats for extended periods of time. Server Genius performance and applications analytics instantly alert IT teams to abnormal or suspicious user activity.

The result is a complete solution for identifying and managing user-based risks:

->    Track and audit Remote Desktop accesses

->    Monitor employee activity on Remote Desktop Servers

->    Check whether remote users are actively working

->    Monitor sessions running via RDP

->    Check users’ time spent on the system via the RDP

->    Gets real-time alerts and give immediate response to the threat


Get a clear understanding of your server’s environment

With session recording, Server Genius records all user activity from the moment a user logs into a Windows machine via RDP or Terminal Server.

Check real-time RD Session Host performance at a GLANCE. Measure bandwidth usage, gain important information for future network upgrades, and much more.

Track inventory and ensure License compliance: never find yourself over- or under-licensed with license usage reports. Avoid penalties and decrease your costs by detecting unused licences.

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user sessions

Overcome employee idleness with user’s activity monitoring

Get information about employee activities when they are connected to Remote Desktop Services. Use Server Genius to track monthly or daily activities, identify the most active hours, and monitor user activity by day.

Get important audit information about applications and determine the most frequently used and the most appreciated apps on a RDP host server. Monitor the total time users spend using a particular app.


Receive real-time alerts and troubleshoot important issues faster

The performance and usage analytics generated by Server Genius allow alerts to be based on chosen events that occur during a date-range. These alerts generate emails console for immediate awareness of the Administrator. Access the reports anywhere anytime with our user-friendly web application.

  •     Customizable alerts: determine time-ranges and thresholds
  •     Web interface fully compatible with tablets and Smartphone


Download demo

This trial version includes all the software features, free to use for 2 weeks.


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