• When resizing in HTML5, sometime, the published application was behind the background color. It is fixed now
  • When printing using Web Portal, or RemoteApp client there was a bug: multiple prints for the same document.
  • When starting a session, some useless folders remains on the server side after logoff.
  • When a large number of users was connected, the CPU dedicated to TSplus processes became too high.
  • HTML5:
    • Folder can be now dropped in Chrome, the folder structure stays same (folder dropping is Chromes non standard feature, the folder can only be dropped.)(The folder picking was not included, since does not contain folder path, but only file array from all subfolders). The folder is not yet auto copied to destinations like desktop etc, only separate files.
    • Bug fix with Numpad buttons, the state was not restored after page reload and the number 5 in numlock-off state was wrongly reported as numlock button, both fixed.
    • Restored some cookies for http connection, since their lack broke the connection restoring.
  • Floating Panel was started twice.
  • The backgroud color was not properly apply.
  • Multiple copies of svcr.exe was running on the user side.
  • Fix of perfromance issue in 9.30 when many users are connected AND only one application is published.
  • The Client Generator does not display the Domain when the key word nosavecredential is used in as user logon
  • HTML5:
    • IE Explorer fix for non-latin char files.
    • Cookies secure tag and other security improvements.
    • Upload folder auto creation if not available.
    • Added new cursor to default editable (for displaying editable keyboard field)

This is the first release 9.30

  • The Client Generator has been improved. It now enable to hide some of the redirected drive.
    The bug of the RDP mode whihc was always "full screen" is fixed.
    The Bit Map Cashing, which is a security issue, has been disabled
    The option to optimize the bandwith has been added
  • The printing issue when the user disconnect/reconnect (in Web mode and with the Generate Client) has been fixed.
  • The existing "System Audit" tool was very basic. It has been improved with more diagnosis, more help and better suggestions. The new tool is available in the "Server" part of TSplus AdminTool.
  • The Load-Balancing feature has been improved and has now an optional "sticky sessions" setting.
    When sticky sessions are enabled, any user who has an existing (connected or disconnected) session on a given application server will automatically be balanced to this application server. This is very useful for example to get an existing session back after a network disconnection.
    This new setting is available in the "Load-Balancing" tool, in the "Gateway" part of TSplus AdminTool.
  • The RDP firewall "RDP Defender" has been integrated into TSplus.
    If your Windows server is publicly available on Internet, then there is a 100% probability that hackers, network scanners and brute force robots are trying to guess your Administrator login and password - as we speak.
    Using current logins and password dictionaries, they will automatically try to login to your server hundreds to thousands times every minute. RDP Defender takes less than 30 seconds and will instantly protect your server by monitoring Windows failed login attempts and automatically blacklist the offending IP addresses after several failures.
    You can of course configure it to match your needs.
    This new tool is available in the "Security" part of TSplus AdminTool.
  • The W10 support has been enhanced
  • The HTML5 has been enhanced
  • This is the last release 9.20 before the anouncement of the release 9.30. It already includes some nice enhancements
  • The load balancing has been rewrite to support the "sticky sessions" feature. It means that a user will reconnect to the same server within a farm.
  • The system audit has been rewrite
  • On W10, we enforce the use of the Windows Shell to eliminate the issue created after 10 minutes of idle.
  • We added (on TSplus only) the new RDS Defender tools which is a shield against hackers.
  • The printing continue to work (web, generated client and remoteapp) even if the user disconnect and reconnect his session.
  • The issue of application starting daughter processes has been fixed
    It has also be tested when using a .bat file starting application.
  • The logoff issue when publishing one application And the Windows Shell has been fixed.
  • The license activation in the AdminTool was including a bug which has been fixed
  • logonsession process has been change for better performances when one, or mulitple applications are started at the session opening (no floating panel, no taskbar).
  • The client generator have now 2 new options:
    • Low speed network (no background and no graphic animations)
    • Fast network (background display and graphic animations allowed)
  • HTML5: fix to enable xhr polling connection on iOS.
    Improved SSL SNI recognizing for domain based forwarding
    This is also ported on Java 8 for a better support of Java 8
    Support of larger size for CTRL+C
  • Reverse Proxy role: On some slow servers, some sessions was open on the Gateway rather than on the targeted Application Server. This is fixed.
  • The Czech language has been added
  • The HTML5 client has been improved for AutoCAD graphical display
  • Some users had problem to connect with the RemoteApp client because of a Windows issue on bit map cra[jvpiechart title="Title" from="100" to="25" barcolor="#dddddd" trackcolor="#ffd442" linecap="10" linewidth="10" size="253" icon="fa fa-star"]shing. We have set this parameter to 0. Doing so, we are eliminating this issue.


  • Several minor bug fixed
  • RemoteAppClient has now a completely clean uninstallation, and the clean.exe program as well as the "client.exe /clean" command line fully clean the "RemoteApp" folder
  • RemoteAppClient Automatic Update : the progress bar now moves to reflect the actual dowload progression
  • RemoteApp parameters files are now automatically cleaned every minute
  • RemoteApp fixes:
    When using a generated client AND RemoteApp mode AND Select the local printer the Universal Printer was not working. It is fixed now.
    Same story for the Web Portal RemoteApp client. Changing the printer mode preferences (Preview, Select, or Default printer) was not properlly handled. It is fixed now.
    When the HTTP or HTTPS port number was changed, the file remoteapp2.js was not properly upldated. It is fixed now.
  • The number of counted sessions was not the correct one when zomby sessions.
    It is fixed now.
  • Fix the error when generating a connection client with printer drivers included - sorry !
  • Fix error message "File not found" when starting a connection with the RemoteApp plugin.
  • We added a new exciting capability to nearly automatically generate and install a certified SSL certificate. This is very important because many customers are expecting to use HTTPS. But... The process to purchase a SSL certificate, to turn it into a compatible one to install it properly is a long and complex process. With this new feature, having a "green" HTTPS access is becoming as easy as starting Calc. It can be acheive within a minute AND IT IS FREE!
  • The new Web Portal is now offering a selection of 20 different themes and changing the background picture is a piece of cake.
  • The resize of the HTML5 session is now nice and very good.
  • The UPN logon was not supported as expected.
    For those who are not aware about UPN it is a logon using a email like string and this can be set in the Active Directory. Now using UPN or classical logon should not be a problem anymore.
  • Some time the AppControl.ini file was blanked when started Assign Application or Add application, or Application from the start menu. This has been fixed.
  • Most of the 9.10 issues has been fixed and this release is including all of these fixes


  • Fix of one error made yesterday for the file transfer (HTML5) into the target folder


  • The HTML5 file transfer algorithm has been completly changes. (From the user PC to the server side)
    As result, it if much faster and it directly goes to the folder set by the Administrator as target folder.
    Before, it was copied twice. One more benfit: the webprint.exe process is using less CPU whihc can be important when many users are connected.
  • Resizing of the Web browser in HTML5 was not nice enough. Now it is perfect. No more black area, or minimize button at a wrong place.


  • Avoid the start of a second application if the user reconnects after a disconnect
  • Allowing IE Proxy when using FlexiCloud licenses
  • RemoteApp Client : Allowing the default IE Proxy
  • RemoteAppClient : Adding information if communication error
  • UpdateRelease & AdminTool webroot change : Copy the new files into the different web root folder (IIS or Apache)
  • Fix to allow the proper work if the web folder root path is not on the root of the web server
  • Enhancement of the CGI code
  • HTML5: fix bug with third web server + when using https the files were not deleted via web-file-manager, now fixed
  • HTML5: Fix to support file transfer when the web folder root path is not the root folder of the web server


  • AdminTool > Security: fixed the "Help" button
  • HTML5 Client: fixed copy/paste of Word documents on Chrome
  • HTML5 Client: fixed login on Windows 10 phones
  • Gateway Reverse Proxy GUI: the GUI now uses the new servers settings file - this will fix incoherent behaviors
  • RemoteApp Web Client (Windows Connection Plugin): new Setup technology to reduce anti-virus false-positives
  • When using IIS or Apache there was a bug, now fixed.
  • when using https the files were not deleted via web-file-manager, now fixed.


  • Fixed connection error when the Windows directory is not named "Windows"
  • Added compatibility for latest Win 10 "Insider Preview" builds
  • Web Portal Preferences GUI: fixed login/password/domain fields disabled when "remember credentials" is checked
  • Web Applications Portal:
    - Fixed applications icons not found when using Gateway Reverse-Proxy
    - Fixed credentials not cleared when using HTML5 and "remember credentials" is disabled
    - Fixed "Invalid Credentials" error when the user clicks on "Log-off"
  • Some time, when no application was assigned to a user, the session was opening with a nice blue background but nothing else. This has been fixed: Now, in such case, the user will get a full Desktop
  • The new numerical signature was not properly applyed Now it is done.
  • The Power service was disabled and that was causing troubles to start the WLAN service. Now the Power service is set to Manual (W10 or 2012 R2 or W2016)
  • Fix of the logonsession error
  • Logoff is display when using Floating Panel
  • The RemoteApp client, now, do not display et annoying "Windows warning" pop-ups.
  • On W10, there was annoying system events whihc was broking the communication after 10 minutes. To eliminate this problem we are disabeling the off line service and the power service. With this change, the sessions are stable.
  • We hadded the file remoteapp2.html to enable autologon with RemoteApp Web client
  • The Session Shadowing of the Session Manager has been improved
  • The RemoteApp Web client is now using the Web port and no more the RDP port. We have eliminate the IE nasty error message.
  • The Update Release did not update properly some programs that was running. It will be better now.
  • The Universal Printer program was nor properly updated too. It is fixed now.
  • In order to replace properly the running programs, we did stop them in the Update Release. Doing so, if the Update Release was statd from a Remote Desktop (mstsc.exe) the session was logoff. We have fixed this. Now the Update Release program can also be started from a remote session (without logoff)
  • The Web RemoteApp client was not updated yesterday to include the enhancement of avoiding the display of Windows pop-up. It is fixed now
  • This is the new 9.10 release (General Availability)
  • It is the first 2016 Release, and it is a major one!
  • RemoteApp is now availbale on all version of Windows, including Home or Pro editions of W7, W8 or W10
  • The release 9.10 is W2016 ready
  • It is a secured code (new numerical signature included) and it protects the customers against false/positive issues
  • The design of the Admintool and of the Client Generator has been enhanced
  • The HTML5 client is supporting the latest release of Web Browser and is now adding a nice file drag/drop capability between the user side and the server. The new redirected Virtual Printer in HTML5 is also one "must have" enhancement.
  • The performance has been improved for demanding production environments
  • The background color of the RDP/HTML5 client can be configure from the AdminTool
  • The logon and the MenuOnTop themes has been updated
  • The Users/Groups assignement has been completed and enhanced for both application and servers.10) Mutliple fixes has been implemented to correct known issues of the release 8.50

This is the first "official" release 8.50
It includes many enhancement already implemented during the past 2 weeks within the
last 8.40 release.

The major point to keep in mind is:

RemoteApp mode is replacing Seamless mode.
For the first time we do support RemoteApp even on W7 Home or Pro, W8 or W10 basic or PRO

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