TSplus Remote Access


  • Universal Printer: updated to version 11.9.451 containing the following changes:
    • added auto print from a Web session
    • added printing multiple files at the same time results in a merged document
    • added profile selection during session opening
    • Universal Printer: added resolution step for “failed to retrieve client print directory” issue
  • Updated Chinese translations
  • Compatibility: TSplus is compatible with Windows 11 23H2 and Windows 10 22H2 latest preview updates
  • Setup: Update digital signature of core programs with an updated certificate


  • Universal Printer: fixed compatibility with older releases
  • Universal Printer: prevent Windows 10/11 from managing the default printer
  • Universal Printer: fixed “Failed to print this document” error message when printing using Connection Client from a Spanish operating system
  • Universal Printer: fixed wrong layout when printing due to text optimization setting
  • Universal Printer : fixed Auto Print profile was not set when reconnecting from an RDP session
  • Certificate Manager: fixed failure to update to current version
  • AdminTool > Web > HTML5: fixed unhandled exception when loading parameters
  • AdminTool > Sessions > Session Management Settings: fixed error when editing user reconnection options
  • AdminTool > Web > Web Credentials: fixed error when editing Web portal behavior
  • AdminTool > Web > Web Portal: fixed logo size decreased in Creative theme
  • AdminTool > Web > Application Portal: fixed Application Portal cannot be enabled in Web Mobile Edition
  • AdminTool > Web > HTML5: fixed unhandled exception when loading parameters
  • Web Portal: fixed reset password error
  • AdminTool > Web > HTML5: fixed unhandled exception when changing background logo
  • AdminTool > Web > RemoteApp Client: fixed error on loading with some print mode values
  • AdminTool > Web > HTML5: fixed error on loading when softMKStyle variable in settings.js file is wrongly formatted
  • Web Portal Customization: new interface with real-time preview
  • Web Portal: new “Creative” theme
  • Updated translations