TSplus Remote Access


  • Compatibility: TSplus is compatible with Windows 10 1809, Windows 11 21H2, Windows Server 2019 and Windows Server 2022 latest updates
  • Farm Manager: in «Assign servers» view, admin can now select a server and see/manage all user/groups assigned to it
  • 2FA: requests can be sent by e-mail
  • Virtual Printer: updated to version containing the following changes
    – fixed crash when closing the application
    – fixed update of paper forms and offsets
    – fixed search for current printer by PrinterID
    – fixed getting the current printer
    – added printing to the log file of the current printer request
    – wks: added receiving printer offsets before sending notifications to the server
    – removed server reboot after version upgrade
    – fixed commit v1.7.0.6
    – fixed log line formatting
    – removed workstation reboot after version upgrade
    – fixed uninstall: removing component with driver files from system folder
    – fixed crash on print spooler stop (AppVerifier handle)
    – fixed deletion of the print monitor when starting the spooling service
    – scheduled reboot removed on workstation
    – using netlink
    – reduce custom paper size limits to 1 mm
    – added the ability to enter custom paper length up to 9999 mm
    – fixed checking resolution range values
    – fixed printer setup: upgrade and repair
    – fixed print spooler crash when uninstall virtual printer
    – fixed installation upgrade
    – added custom resolution
    – Print spooler crash fixed: new protocol option added for physical offsets
    – use netlink
    – fixed empty list of paper sizes in excel
    – fixed applying custom paper size in Edge
    – use netlink