TSplus Advanced Security

All-in-one cybersecurity toolbox

Our unique cybersecurity software provides the fundamental protections every remote server admin needs, and more. Activate up to seven measures and set the right level of security for your network.

Perpetual licenses

TSplus RemoteWork have competitive licensing costs, low training requirements, and often with no IT infrastructure changes required! The licenses are per workstation and perpetual

Easy roll-out

Remote Work gives users the ability to remotely access their office PCs via any device and any web browser. The Remote Work Admin Tool is fast to install and easy to configure. No Windows Server roles to install.

  • All-in-one cybersecurity toolbox
  • 2 levels of protection
  • One-off license purchase
  • 100 % adapted to TSplus software products

How does our Advanced Security work?

Advanced Security – Essentials Edition


Network security is more complicated than just deciding who can access your servers. Once you have granted access to all the right people, the question becomes: When should the users have access?

Working Hours gives administrators the tools to limit remote access to only the days and times required for business operations.


Even an unsuccessful brute force attack can have negative performance impacts on your server!

Brute Force Defender stops brute force attacks quickly. Your server will no longer have to process thousands of failed login attempts. Using a combination of whitelists and limits on failed login attempts, it rejects brute force attacks before they become a problem.


Easily manage IP addresses from one place with a single list for both blocked and whitelisted IP addresses.

This means that all IPs detected by Homeland and Brute Force are centralized to check, edit, add or remove at your convenience. IP address lists are searchable, making address management easy.


If your users are located in the US, UK and Canada, it may not make sense to allow connections from China, India, Iran, or Germany.

Using country-based whitelists, Homeland Protection lets administrators quickly and easily restrict incoming connections only to the countries necessary for your business operations.

Advanced Security – Ultimate Protection Edition


Ransomware is the most significant of today’s cyber threats. TSplus Advanced Security Ransomware Protection will efficiently detect and block any kind of ransomware attacks!

Get instant warning as soon as suspicous activity is detected on your system, and check all programs and files automatically put in quarantine. You can easily backup and restore them in a click!


The “Permissions” dashboard displays the list of users and groups and the list of available folders and files, side-by-side.

Everything is visible at one spot, which makes it super easy to Inspect (Security Essentials) and Edit (Ultimate Protection) privileges for one user at a time, increasing the accuracy of the restrictions.


With Secure Desktop, we have taken the guesswork out of RDS Group Policy management.

Secure Desktop offers a simple slider interface to choose access policies for users or groups. Each level of security has been meticulously crafted to the IT industry’s best practices standards.


Endpoint Protection offers a simple way to keep your servers safe, even if a user’s credentials have been compromised.

With Endpoint Protection, Administrators can link user accounts directly to specific device names. If a user’s credentials become compromised, attackers can’t use them to log in to your servers without a device that is linked to that user.

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